Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Tressels Say Goodbye

"Wolves," and the final moments of the final Tressel Show

Saturday, December 20, 2014


With a heavy heart and utmost humility, we announce our show at The Trophy Tavern on 12/27/14 will be our final show as The Tressels.

We are incredibly lucky to have had the support of our friends, family and fans over the years, especially those who donated to our recent indiegogo campaign (Don't worry, you are all still getting your vinyl!)

If you ever came to a show or bought a record we cannot thank you enough, we were able to sustain ourselves for an entire decade and that in itself is incredible considering we only ever planned to play one show.

When we started "The American Trilogy" in 2011 with American Sunset, we knew it would be an ambitious project. It also happened to coincide with the most difficult personal years of our lives thus far. Now that we've lived through it and completed the story with Bury Me American we all feel that it's the right time to hang it up.

We've outlasted friendships, venues, trends, and rival bands. We were authentic, we acted impulsive and reckless and made some great rock & roll. We did things on our own terms, and for that we are truly proud.

Come join us on 12/27 for one final night of non stop rock, whiskey and tales of woe.

Be there or get body slammed.

The Tressels On Y102 HOMEBREWED

Thanks to our old friend Frank Phobia for featuring our song "Troubled" on his Y102-FM Homebrewed show!

He's booked us up and down PA since 2005, and Mr. Phobia is definitely one of the good guys.

He called our new record brilliant too!

You can listen to it HERE

The Tressels YourLocalNote.com Vidcast

We made our third trip to Your Local Note (A marvelous site dedicated to local music) to talk all things BURY ME AMERICAN.

As usual it was overly revealing, a little embarrassing, and wildly entertaining.

We play a stripped down version of "Past Me" too!

Check out the full Vidcast HERE

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014


It's black friday and the wait is over.....
Our new record Bury Me American is here!  Listen to it for free and or buy it below.
We'd tell you how violently beautiful it is, or about the grammy winning sound engineer Mike Tarsia who co-produced it, but you should probably just hear for yourself.
We can figure out why you loved it later.

A Very Tressel 93.7 WSTW Christmas Compilation

We are happy to announce our song "Thoughtless Gift" has been included on 93.7 WSTW's Holiday compilation "Midnight Clear"

All proceeds benefit Toys for Tots!