Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Commentary on the Complete Y-Rock on XPN Local Tracks Session

1. Don't Look Down-The last song we recorded, hence the E-Street Band intensity. As usual, we distributed shakers and/or tamborines to everyone in the room for a full-on family band jamboree.
2. Color Day-Always good acoustic.
3. Brothel Blues-A little sloppy due to several overpriced Pabst's in the World Cafe bar. We asked them to fade the ending out, but we suspect they didn't.
4. The Interview-Insight into the pros and cons of DIY, what being called alt-country really means, and why Bad Company is the best.


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Von Hayes09 said...

Sweet tune dudes. Hope the blood transfusion is going well. And that you got that problem with your t8nts figured out. I was worried about that.

Anyway, whassabouta x-mas show? HOHOHO with the Tressels and Von Hayes.

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