Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Tressels 5 Year Anniversary Spectacular Friday June 18th!

In June of 2005, The Tressels made fools of themselves as what was intended to be their first and only gig at the Speak Easy in Upper Darby. The performance was so much of a disaster; the elderly bartender treated the band to a round of shots as conciliation.

5 years later The Tressels have released 4 full length albums, and a countless slew of one-off releases. They’ve played dive bars, basements, hookah lounges, sorority houses, wedding receptions, planetariums, and back yards. They’ve earned critical acclaim and a loyal fan base, despite, or perhaps because of an almost constant string of bad luck, missed opportunities, false starts, arrests, hospital stays and personal loss.

They’ve challenged themselves on every record, and in turn their music has reached fans from Nova Scotia to Seattle. While they still remain under the radar, with each release The Tressels become a bigger blip, and offer plenty of rewards for those who’ve stuck around, as well as those who are discovering the band for the first time.

Join us at the Trophy Tavern in Drexel Hill on Friday June 18th, as The Tressels celebrate 5 years on the job.

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