Monday, April 4, 2011

The Tressels @ The Millcreek This Thursday 4/7

The above photo was taken at the Khyber somewhere between the release of "Divorce" and "Prison Wine". When we booked the Khyber for the first time, we felt we had accomplished something great. Many of us had played in bands for years hoping to book a show at the Khyber, and when we finally did, we felt cool, as only cool bands played the Khyber.

The Khyber no longer exists as a venue for "cool" bands. The Millcreek Tavern does. This Thursday marks the 8th time we have played the Millcreek, which is more than we have ever played any venue since we started. People sleep on the Millcreek. Mere weeks ago I did a solo show there with a band from Norway called Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson, who blew the collective mind of all 20 people in attendance. This is the kind of stuff you see at the Millcreek. It might be some West Philly Crust Punk band, followed by us, followed by beautiful post-rock from Sweden. Thanks largely in part to Josh Craft (one of the good guys) and the foundation layed by Ben Morgan (one of the best guys). Just be there. We hit the stage at 10. All proceeds benefit the Clark Park Art and Music Festivals, another thing which you would be a huge hipster douche-grinch to not support.

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