Monday, April 1, 2013

RIP Mark R. Sarkisian 1962-2013

With a heavy heart we announce the passing of Mark Sarkisian, Big Dirty's father, and our longest (and sometimes only) supporter. He was our first manager when we started out in our high school days. He designed our first website, bought a van so we could travel, and even took a volunteer job at a church hall so we could have regular gigs.

No matter where he was living, he always allowed us to practice in his house, and borrow his truck for shows, and all he wanted in exchange was a couple free beers and gas money. We made our first 4 records in his house. We wrote all of "American Sunset" in his house. We dedicated our last record to him, as we all had a feeling it would be the last one he would hear. He was never gentle with his criticisms, but he pushed us to achieve what he called "effortless perfection". We will miss you Mark. See you on the other side.

Big Dirty, Butch, Mickey, Time Bomb, Fuzz, Cheeseburger, Lord Jonesy, Felony, Dr. Stardust, & Mudflaps

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RIP Mark. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys through a difficult time.