Upcoming Shows

Sat. 3/18/23-7pm-Rivet (238 E. High Street, Pottstown, PA) w/ Die Tired and Hannibal ($10 in advance/$12 at the door) 21+

Sat. 4/8/23-7pm-WaR3house 3 (100 Park Ave. Swarthmore, PA) with Lowlight
$15 BYOB

Past Shows
6/17/05-The Speakeasy, Upper Darby, PA
6/22/05-Lit Lounge, NYC
7/16/05-Millcreek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA
7/22/05-Apocolypse Lounge, NYC
8/14/05-The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA
9/15/05-Millcreek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA
9/16/05-Apocolypse Lounge, NYC
10/14/05-Club 218, Philadelphia, PA
10/29/05-Palindrome, Brooklyn, NY
11/25/05-Club 218, Philadelphia, PA
12/23/05-O’Donnell’s Irish Pub, Drexel Hill, PA (1st Annual X-Mas Extraveganza)
1/10/06-The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA
1/14/06-Scenic, NYC
2/17/06-Club 218, Philadelphia, PA (Divorce Record Release Party)
3/11/06-North Star Bar, Philadelphia, PA
3/25/06-O’Donnell’s Irish Pub, Drexel Hill, PA
5/12/06-The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA
5/20/06-Benaroo, Coatesville, PA
6/8/06-Rex’s, West Chester, PA
6/17/06-Club 218, Philadelphia, PA (1 Year Anniversary Show)
7/1/06-O’Donnell’s Irish Pub, Drexel Hill, PA
7/6/06-The Lion’s Den, NYC
9/1/06-The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA
10/20/06-Rex’s, West Chester, PA (Prison Wine Record Release Party Part 1)
10/21/06-Jimmy Mac’s, Drexel Hill, PA (Prison Wine Record Release Party Part 2)
11/20/06-North Star Bar, Philadelphia, PA
12/9/06-The Fire, Philadelphia, PA
12/16/06-The Red and The Black, Washington DC
12/22/06-Rex’s, West Chester, PA (2nd Annual X-Mas Extraveganza)
2/8/07-Millcreek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA
2/17/07-Rex’s, West Chester, PA
3/1/07-Millcreek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA
3/23/07-The Silo, Reading, PA
4/24/07-Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia
4/28/07-Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA
5/12/07-Rex’s, West Chester, PA
5/25/07-Millcreek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA
5/26/07-Benaroo, Coatesville, PA
6/16/07-Jimmy Mac’s, Drexel Hill, PA (2 Year Anniversary Show)
6/19/07-The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA
6/28/07-The M Room, Philadelphia, PA
7/19/07-Bernie’s Distillery, Columbus, OH
7/20/07-Brillobox, Pittsburgh, PA
7/28/07-Rex’s, West Chester, PA (Pat’s Last Show)
8/24/07-The Silo, Reading, PA
8/31/07-Mojo 13, Wilmington, DE
3/1/08-Mojo 13, Wilmington, DE
3/22/08-Rex’s, West Chester, PA
4/6/08-Jimmy Mac’s, Drexel Hill, PA
6/26/08-Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA
7/19/08-Mojo 13, Wilmington, DE
7/27/08-Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA
8/2/08-Jimmy Mac’s, Drexel Hill, PA
8/13/08-The M Room, Philadelphia, PA
8/17/08-Jimmy Mac’s, Drexel Hill, PA
9/7/08-The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA (Jeff’s Last Show)
11/7/08-The Note, West Chester, PA
12/14/08-Mojo 13, Wilmington, DE (X-Mas 3)
2/21/09-The Garrett, Drexel Hill, PA
3/12/09-The Note, West Chester, PA
4/18/09-The Trophy Tavern, Drexel Hill, PA
5/9/09-Lotsa Pasta & Pub, Clifton Heights, PA
5/15/09-The Note, West Chester, PA
7/23/09-The Note, West Chester, PA
7/24/09-The Pillar, Reading, PA
9/5/09-The Blockley Pourhouse, Philadelphia, PA
9/12/09-The Note, West Chester, PA
10/24/09-Jimmy Mac’s, Drexel Hill, PA
11/13/09-The Trophy Tavern, Drexel Hill, PA
12/2/09-The Blockley Pourhouse, Philadelphia, PA
12/26-The Laserdome, Manheim, PA (X-mas 4)
1/16/10-The Blockley Pourhouse, Philadelphia, PA (Bourbon Legend Record Release Show)
2/26/10-The Garrett, Drexel Hill, PA
3/26/10-The Blockley Pourhouse, Philadelphia, PA
4/23/10-Jimmy D’s, Folcroft, PA
5/4/10-The Grape Room, Manayunk, PA
6/18/10-The Trophy Tavern, Drexel Hill, PA (5 Year Anniversary Show)
9/30/10-Millcreek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA
10/8/10-The Note, West Chester, PA
10/12/10-Spike Hill, Brooklyn, NY
11/12/10-The Blockley Pourhouse, Philadelphia, PA
11/24/10-The Garrett, Drexel Hill, PA
2/27/11-The M Room, Philadelphia, PA (Felony’s Last Show)
3/9/11-Millcreek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA (Butch solo)
4/7/11-Millcreek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA
9/2/11-Mojo 13, Wilmington, DE
9/17/11-Clark Park, Philadelphia, PA
10/26/11-The Fire, Philadelphia, PA
11/18/11-The Grape Room, Manayunk, PA (American Sunset Record Release Show)
11/25/11-Ottobar, Baltimore, MD
1/6/12-The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA
2/3/12-Hard Rock Cafe, Washington DC
2/10/12-The Grape Room, Manayunk, PA
2/11/12-Alphabet Lounge, NYC
3/23/12-The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA
4/18/12-The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA
4/20/12-Ottobar, Baltimore, MD
5/5/12-Dawson St. Pub, Manayunk, PA
5/24/12-The Level Room, Philadelphia, PA
6/16/12-The Trophy Tavern, Drexel Hill, PA (7 Year Anniversary Show)
6/23/12-The Level Room, Philadelphia, PA
8/5/12-The Boneyard, Atlantic City, NJ
8/24/12-The Media Theatre, Media, PA
9/8/12-The Alphabet Lounge, NYC
10/5/12-The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA
11/17/12-The Grape Room, Manayunk, PA (American Midnight Record Release Show)
11/21/12-The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA
1/25/13-Pianos, NYC
2/2/13-The Trophy Tavern, Drexel Hill, PA
2/21/13-The North Star Bar, Philadelphia, PA
5/4/13-The Note, West Chester, PA
6/6/13-The Note, West Chester, PA
6/15/13- Dave and Busters Dockside Bar, Philadelphia, PA (8 Year Anniversary Show)
7/27/13-The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA
8/24/13-Picasso, Media, PA
9/28/13-Mojo Main, Newark, DE
11/23/13-Picasso, Media, PA
12/20/13-Trophy Tavern, Drexel Hill, PA
1/3/14-World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA
5/31/14-Picasso, Media, PA
6/5/14-Milkboy, Philadelphia, PA
7/5/14-Dave and Busters Dockside Bar, Philadelphia, PA
8/18/14-The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA
9/6/14-43 Cricket, Ardmore, PA
9/19/14-The Trophy Tavern, Drexel Hill, PA
10/10/14-Picasso, Media, PA
11/15/14-The Social Lounge West Chester, PA
12/27/14-The Trophy Tavern, Drexel Hill, PA