Monday, June 18, 2012

7 Year/100th Show setlist, vids, and more!

This past Saturday we celebrated the 7th anniversary of our first show at The Trophy Tavern in Drexel Hill. It also happened to be our 100th show. We are so grateful to have so many loyal friends and fans who came out to share in this special evening with us. Above is a photo of the setlist. Here is is for those of you who can't read my scribble, the highlighted songs lead to video.

Set 1: Don't Look Down/I Wanna Know You/Autumn/I'll Be Staying at The Raven/Priscilla/Autopsy/Go on and Go/She's a Fighter/I'll Stay Up/I Wanna Love

Set 2: Cold Blue Eyes/Nothin' But Your Love/Tell Me A Secret/My Brother Called/Rock N' Roll Dreams Come True/Color Day/Brothel Blues/Wilma/Wolves/Denim Jacket

This Saturday, June 23rd is our last show before we break to record "American Midnight". We hit The Level Room with Juno Day and the KAI-Yotes. Tressels @ 10.

Your Humble Servant,

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